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Thread: QUICK question about a Apevia 1100W PSU Vs a Corsair HX-620W. Which is better? Thx!

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    QUICK question about a Apevia 1100W PSU Vs a Corsair HX-620W. Which is better? Thx!

    Well newegg has a deal right now on a 'APEVIA WARLOCK 1100W' power supply for $110. The deal will probably be sold out soon.

    I currently have a Corsair HX-620.

    Is it time to upgrade or should I be fine with what I have? Does it perform as well?

    ASUS Rampage II Extreme w/ i7 920 OC'd
    12GB DDR3 OCZ Platinum
    ATI HD4870 GFX Card
    ATO X1900 XTX (Will upgrade to HD4670 next month)
    Water Cooled
    Corsair HX-620 PSU

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    I would stick with what you have unless you are going to be upgrading anything substantially. I would have thought the 4670 uses less if not the same power as the X1900 XTX card.

    Plus I haven't really heard much about the Apevia PSU's, and am very wary of cheap ones. Granted I've seen my fair share of branded PSU's go but when they do they don't tend to take anything else with them.

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    Okay cool, thats what I thought. It was on sale from 210 to 110, so I thought it might have been a good deal.

    Btw, yea. I'm getting rid of my x1900 soon because ATI stopped support for it. I use it for my 3rd and 4th monitors.

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    I'd rather stick with trusty Corsair imo. Besides, i was running i7 920 @ 3,4GHz, 6GB DDR3 RAM, Rampage II Gene, HD4850 512MB, 750GB, DVD-RW and Essence STX on a old LC Power 550W and it was working just fine. So your TX620 should work fine even if you upgrade your gfx card.
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    It has 1100w and only 2 by 6 pin, 2 by 6+2 pin. that's not comforting.

    Maybe in a few months the HX750 or 850 will come down in price and that would get you some more wattage along w/ much better efficiency, both from the new design plus being in a sweeter spot on the wattage...

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    yeah that power supply should be fine i would thank unless you are going to cram a lot of video cards in there.

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    Lightbulb Corsair is quality, Apevia is junk.

    All Corsair PSU's are highly recommended.

    No Apevia PSU's have ever been recommended!
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    The Apevia Warlock actually isn't junk. The 1100w is worth about 850w of good clean power. They just overrate thier PSU's and general rule of thumb for them is to take off 200-250w.


    The 900w is really just an 80 Plus Standard 700w PSU.
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