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Thread: Need mother board help!!

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    Question Need mother board help!!

    Hi, guys, I am having an issue with my system and could use some help. Here is my issue when I have all 4 sticks of ram in the system will not boot, no beeps just power up fans but no montior signal. So then I took all 4 sticks of ram off theMB I get beeps then I put 1 stick in slot number 1 I get beep boots to bios mind you I have not installed an HD CD drives I try all 4 sticks of ram in slot 1 and all 4 boots up. when I put 2 sticks of ram in slots 1 and 2 the system boots up. I then put 3 sticks of ram and I get no boots I try each stick in slot 3 I try each stick slots 4 no boot. I also try slots 1 and 3 for dual boot and no boot. I switch PSU that I know is working and had all 4 slots filled with ram and no boots. I also notice that when I do boot having ram in slot 1 and 2 and I power the system up the PSU starts then turn off for a sec then starts and I get to boot up. I think the MB is bad anyone thinks I am right or what else should I do?

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    Bent pins in the socket disrupting memory controller.

    Try slot 1 and 3 or 2 and 4, download and go into memory tab and check memory size and number of channels.
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    The post is very confusing but I think it has to do with how your motherboard detects ram sub timings.

    When my motherboard boots for the first time after having no power (PSU disconnected), at initial boot it shuts off almost immediately then reboots. After, it boots just fine as long as you don't cut the power to the PSU. I believe this is normal; the motherboard is testing optimal sub timmings for your ram.

    I've had another motherboard with what I believe I had a similar problem you are describing. I had two ram kits with this board which both had different "issues".
    -One kit I could boot with two sticks and after intial post, I could shut it off and install the rest of the 4 dimms. I had to do this for everytime PSU was disconnected.
    -The other kit of memory, same motherboard, I could only boot with one stick, then shut off and install the rest of the 4 dimms.
    -I was never able to post with just three sticks of ram on that board either kit.

    I believe this is due to how the motherboard detects optimal sub timmings of your ram and can be dependant on how compatible your ram is with your motherboard.

    I've always found that it is optimal to boot on one stick of ram and set the stock ram specs manually before installing the rest of the ram.
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