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Thread: Windows 7 Reads Monitors EDID differently

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    Windows 7 Reads Monitors EDID differently

    Anyone noticing how some monitors default to 59hz instead of 60hz?

    I tried it with 2, a 19inch dell and a 24inch HP, the dell sets to 60hz fine, but the HP sets to 59, and when setting it to 60 it doesn't really apply it (just says it did, when you go back in it is still at 59hz, this is with and without the manufacturer's monitor driver), from what Ive been reading this seems to be some common thing about how Win 7 reads the info chip in the monitors, if the hertz number in the chip rounds down instead of up it will set it to 59, when normally it would default to 60.

    Check this out, this is the Nvidia Auto monitor readings in XP and Windows 7 for a Lenovo 24 inch monitor:
    Windows XP:

    Windows 7:

    Look at the Refresh number differences at the bottom. Oddly enough the driver fails to run the test in Windows 7 so even when I set the values the same as XP I cant actually test or use them (It fails to run the test even at default settings though)
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    Fairly certain Vista is the same as my 24" Dell and my LG 1080p are both running at 59Hz on Vista.

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    Mine is even worse - Acer X222W runs at 1680x1050 @60Hz (59/60) in Windows Server 2008 (Vista 32bit) but in Windows 7 64 bit Beta it runs at max 1600x1200 @ 85Hz (60/70/75/85). Same Cat 9.3 drivers
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    same thing happens to me under vista x64 and xp x64... I think it's a problem with the nvidia drivers because everyime I change drivers I have to change the refresh from 59 back to 60hz.

    did problem didn't exist on my 4870x2 or GTX280. maybe it's a new video card drivers used by Nvidia/ and or not ATI
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    this is normal, there are alot of monitors that were huge problems becouse they were 59hrz (lcd TV) and were being read as 60hrz (lcd monitor) since thats the closest that windows supported by default. its perfectly fine and its supposed to happen and was added in rc1 (maybe a few earlier too). and ati has no rc1 drivers 9.5 will be rc1 native
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    displaying the info differently, but it's reading the info the same way. note the actual refresh rate of 59.95

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    I know this is old but still a current issue with many, as most monitors are not "approved" by Windows 7(google EDID issue Windows 7). Here's an INF file work around
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