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Thread: P6T Deluxe + GSkill 12Gb

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    Question P6T Deluxe + GSkill 12Gb

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new here and I hope I can get some tips and help, and ofc be usefull sometimes too .

    Well, my question is simple. As I'm new with i7, I got some memory sticks just to try this platform and I'm stunned. And as I need a good machine for virtualization I just need alot of memory, and I see this, http://newgskill.web-bi.net/bbs/view...d=g_ddr3&no=50 as my new target. Good price, and good timmings. In your opinion will this be a good buy? Will I have problem with all 6 sticks? I dont pretend to OC, I just want a good workstation with Server2008 x64.

    Thanks in advance.

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