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Thread: Galaxy Non-reference GTX285 2GB Benchmarked

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    Quote Originally Posted by BulldogPO View Post
    GTA is 90% CPU limited not GFX card.
    Also memory speed limited
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    Quote Originally Posted by STEvil View Post
    2560x1600 is almost twice the number of pixels as 1920x1200.

    Depending on texture compression algorithms and texture map sizes there may not be a huge difference between 1gb and 2gb cards.. would be interesting to see a 1gb 4870 vs 1gb 4850 at matching clocks along side some 1gb vs 2gb results though to see if memory bandwidth is causing issues for some things.
    twice the pixels mostly means more stress on the gpu and memory bandwidth than extra memory usage right?

    well just changing the clock speed of 4870 memory up or down dose show a difference so as long as the gpu can keep up more memory speed is better especially for running high res

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    I can confirm that GTAIV runs out of mem on my EVGA GTX285 1GB even at 1920x1200 if played at high seettings. If EVGA comes out with a 2GB version of the card, I'm definitely stepping up.
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