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Thread: Case Design for Liquid Cooling

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    Has there been any update on the progress of the conversion (no pressure just wondering if we have gone anywhere with it)?

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    Sorry guys, It's been a while. My workplace went under and had to find another job. took 2 months and had to sell a few things including my computer to make ends meet, unfortunately. But, I have another computer now and I kept the hard drives so i still have all the files.

    I haven't been able to find anyone who can make this case yet. I know it can be done, even though production companies have said it will be too much to make tooling for it, it could be done by hand. I still dont have the time to do it myself unfortunately, I've been commissioned to build a 3D printer at work so that's also taking up a lot of time.

    The only things that haven't been modeled (as far as i remember) are the case door latches.

    If someone has the time, I can send you the inventor models and assembly.

    Sorry I don't have better news guys.
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    3D printer you say? You that not be used to build a mock-up?
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