Check this out, Guru3D somehow got hold of an RV740 sample. Performance is near 4850 for less than $100. I think I found the card for my HTPC.

It's not exactly a secret that for companies like ATI and NVIDIA it is hard to keep the rumor mill under control. It was early January this year already that certain details surfaced on this lovely wise web hinting about the fact that ATI was working on 40nm products. Weeks later another rumor surfaced, some 40nm products should be arriving in the April/May timeframe and among the new products would be a chipset that carries product codename (ASIC name) RV740, slated as the first 40nm release. And that's interesting all by itself.
This is the first 40nm GPU, whoopdydoo! Low power consumption hopefully, though article does not specifically mention it.