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Thread: Plantronics Calisto Pro Wireless Headset

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    Plantronics Calisto Pro Wireless Headset

    Plantronics Calisto Pro Review

    I love anything to do with technology and innovation. I consider myself a “gadget guy”, and I have had a cell phone since 1994. I’ve owned PDA’s, laptops, and have built several computers over the years. Wireless telephones entered our home about the same time I bought my first cell phone. Wireless networking became a staple only about three years ago for me. Since my involvement in Clan Team Xtreme and Xtreme Systems, I was lacking one important tool for my communication needs; A wireless headset. This was something that was needed for a long time.

    I spend a lot of time online taking with friends. I also have 3 children, and my office is located in the basement which is not 100% baby proof. I needed something to allow me to keep the lines of communication open with friends online, and allow me the freedom to interact with my family at the same time. With that I present the Plantronics Calisto Pro hands free home office phone system.

    Plantronics introduced the first lightweight communications headset in 1962. The famous words spoken by Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong as he stepped onto the surface of the moon, “that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, was spoken through a Plantronics headset. This company’s reputation for quality and reliability is sure to not disappoint.


    Upon receiving the box, I was very excited to get started. Packaging was snug with filler holding the main package securely.

    After opening the main box, I discovered a nice clamshell packaging design. This kept the enclosed items secure and separate during shipment.

    The interior packaging was just as I thought. The contents were VERY secure inside the clamshell packaging. You can be sure that this high-tech piece of equipment will survive shipment to and from anywhere. Let’s take a look at what came in the box. Contents include: Base unit, handset, headset, a standard RJ11 phone cord, Y-splitter for sharing the unit with a fax machine or another phone, USB cable, power adapter, CD ROM, and manual.


    Well, as for features, this unit is packed! It’s a standard cordless telephone with hands-free speakerphone, headset telephone, Bluetooth connectivity for cell phones, and PC voice communication compatibility via USB with programs like Ventrilo, Skype, Yahoo! Voice and many more. It also boasts importing 200 numbers from Microsoft Outlook but since I use web-based email, I was not able to test this feature. The headset uses noise cancelling technology. The flip up belt clip on the handset is great for viewing incoming calls if you have caller ID. You can seamlessly switch between your land line, cell phone and voice-over IP software. One place for charging both units is a plus also.


    The construction of all components is top notch. I work for an automotive plastics tooling company, and the attention to detail of the mating parts surpasses a lot of pieces I have seen that go into current vehicles. The pieces fit together flawlessly and look great as well. That says a lot of the commitment to quality that Plantronics has. The main handset receiver has an amazing backlit monochrome LCD screen that is easily read at a full arms length away, and in direct sunlight.


    The unit was very simple to hook up. Plug in the phone line, the USB and the power cord and that’s about it.

    Install the battery in the handset and charge for 16 hours before the first initial use.

    The CD came with PerSonoPro Agent, but it did not come with the PerSonoCall software, which is necessary to use the headset with my program of choice, Ventrilo. That was a little disappointing since it took me a while to figure out that I need that software or the headset did not work. Other than that, everything was working perfectly and using the telephone mode was exceptional. The PerSonoCall program links the headset and handset to the base as audio input and output devices. In setup for Ventrilo you select the Calisto Pro Device for microphone, and speakers and your ready to go. The audio quality was incredible! The handset quality was also fantastic. A great option also is to use the speakerphone option while online on Ventrilo. When I tested the Bluetooth feature with my cell phone, I was on the phone with a friend and he thought I was on my regular house phone. He was amazed at the clarity of a Bluetooth headset. I did notice that the headset became uncomfortable to wear after two or three hours. I managed to keep it on for about five hours, and found that my ear was real sore afterward. I think that the ear hook could be made with a soft rubber, silicone or perhaps urethane over molding for comfort.


    I tested the range of the handset with the headset, and found a couple of issues. My office where I chose to base the unit is located in the basement of my home. The unit keeps a connection everywhere in the house with no problem but when I exit my home I lose the signal completely. This is probably due to the thick walled basement and brick construction. I moved the system to the upstairs, and reception improved greatly. Plantronics gives a recommended 300 foot range on the handset from the base. I got a little more range than that, approximately 350 feet before signal degradation. This was also a direct line of sight distance with no obstruction of walls or buildings

    Final Thoughts

    I was very impressed with the all around features of this product. Handset, speakerphone, and seamless mode-switching between functions make this a must have solution for my communication needs. I would buy this product without hesitation. If you spend a lot of time on an internet chat program, and have you are fairly active on your home phone and cell phone, you need this hardware solution. I would like to see the headset become more "all day use" friendly with softer materials for comfort.


    Performance: 9/10 Frags- The overall performance of this product is top notch. Clarity, multi platform functionality, and ease of use are amazing. The connectivity issue is in part affected by the construction of my home, and should not be considered a standard. These results will not be typical depending on the different environments that it may be used in. I do feel that Plantronics should bundle all the software with the product that is required to use all functions. I looked on the website for a revision date of the PerSonoCall software to see if it was a late release or addition for the hardware, but that information was inconclusive and unavailable in the text files for the additional program. You will just have to download the latest version upon installation.

    Packaging: 10/10 Frags- The packaging was well done, and it presented pictures of the product with vivid colors and details of the included features. It also was packaged well for shipping. Components were separate and well protected from possible damage from outside elements, or each other.

    Features: 8/10 Frags- This unit is packed with many features that make it stand alone in the phone/headset game. You are getting a big bang for your big buck here, no doubt about it.

    Construction: 8/10 Frags- The modern look of this piece of equipment makes a great addition to any desk or office. The handset looks like a cell phone and the headset is sleek and modern looking. It draws looks when I use it out in public with my regular cell phone. It’s a great all around looking piece of equipment. The earpiece may need some attention for long-term comfort and extended use.

    Price: 8/10 Frags- The price is $279.95 from Plantronics. Some may think that is too much money. I would say that this product is probably not for them. The multi-use platform is well worth the investment considering the versatility. If you are online as much as I am, and talk to as many people as I do, you will appreciate what the Calisto Pro has to offer.

    This headset earns a 8.6/10, which makes it Clan Team Xtreme Approved!

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    Nice review and great job Duke!!! I love the Nasa control room!
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    Very nice Duke.
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    Great review Duke. Nice turtleneck.

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    Nice turtleneck.
    hahha, atleast someone said it and not me. Good review none the less.

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    thanks a lot! great review!
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