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    jugeen - [OCTH] - OCTeamHungary

    We are in overclocking scene since a few years (at first we started as XtwinZ TeamHungary, later it became OCTeamHungary), but things are always going slowly 2008 was the real "breakthrough" for us. In the last year we were invited to some international events, championships to represent our country/team. We met other guys from this and other forums as well what is the most important thing, to get know each other for a better community. It was a real big experience for us. With the starting of 2009, we are less with one member - over@locker886 -, reasons are not important at this place, we are going to walk on different ways in the future. Now 'OCTeamHungary' is only Achill3uS and myself.

    Team Website: http://www.octeamhungary.hu/
    Supporters: ASUS

    1) Advanced Overclocking Championship 2008 - Berlin
    Articles: http://www.nordichardware.com/Articles/?skrivelse=540
    Placing: Unplaced
    Team mate: Achill3uS

    2) MSI European Overclocking Championship 2008 - Amsterdam
    Articles: http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=get...80&articID=868
    Placing: 8th of 20
    Team attendance: Achill3uS & over@locker886

    3) 2. AwardFabrik Overclocking Meisterschaft - Minfeld
    Articles: http://www.awardfabrik.de/sonstiges/...en-fakten.html , http://www.octeamhungary.hu/?p=691
    Placing: 5th of 12 overall in forum competiton, 3th in Aquamark3-Extreme competiton
    Team mates: Achill3uS & over@locker886

    Thanks for viewing, looking fwd for such a great events in this year as well
    jugeen - OCTeamHungary
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