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Thread: ADI (Soundmax) Asus Blackhawk Software Recent Update

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    ADI (Soundmax) Asus Blackhawk Software Recent Update


    This is the latest Asus Blackhawk aka Sonic Focus UI. This applies to any ADI Soundmax chipset on a recent Asus board. IE. All Supreme FX/FX II/X-Fi 1x PCI-E add on cards, and any board fit with an Analog Devices HD Audio chip. Check Device Manager -> Sound -> Driver Details if you aren't sure.

    This is for Vista x86/x64/Windows 7 x86/x64 and perhaps XP x64.

    Driver version is dated 07/10/2008.

    This is the most recent they have supplied any vendor as far as I can tell.

    The previous Asus Blackhawk software supplied by Sonic Focus support is driver v6.10.2.6480 dated 03/20/2008.

    Enjoy lads

    Blackhawk control panel has been given a completely new look, and much less clumsy to use. We'll see if this fixes my Mirrors Edge cutscene audio issues in Windows 7.

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    I know this is a very old thread but i'm wondering if there is any later driver that still has the BlackHawk functionality? These drivers are a bit old at the moment. The problem is that no package describes if it contains SonicFocus or not...
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