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Thread: X-FI+vista X64 Card not Recognized or won't start FIX

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    X-FI+vista X64 Card not Recognized or won't start FIX

    Dunno how many people have had this problem, but judging by what I read on this and other forums, LOTS of people couldn't get an X-FI to be recognized or start with vista X64. I found the grand whammy here.

    Vista has a system default open-AL file it installs. That is the problem. It gets confusing because it is actually a creative created file that vista uses, so I don't think people are realizing it isn't part of the creative driver set. If you get error code 10 and it's saying the X-FI card cannot start, this will fix it. You delete the system default open-AL with add/remove programs. Make sure ALL your onboard, or other card, software is cleaned out and do a fresh install of creative drivers with the 2.18.0008 set.

    This problem looks like an IRQ conflict sometimes, so if that is what you think you have run into, try this. Took me 5 weeks to figure out, but everything works now. Yay!
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