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Thread: Windows 7 - What's your experience index?

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    CPU and RAM are at 7.3, everything else is 7.8, except for my HDD at 5.2...

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    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 930 @3.60GHz 7.6
    Memory (RAM) 6.00 GB 7.8
    Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 7.8
    Gaming graphics 3839 MB Total available graphics memory 7.8
    Primary hard disk 11GB Free (140GB Total) 5.9

    Yeah i need an SSD lol
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    Maybe WEI is a covert cartel between MSFT and the SSD manufacturers to increase SSD sales :P.

    I know for my last system I upgraded my RAM even though what I had was, perfectly sufficient, because it was my lowest WEI score. Then again I'm a consumer whore.

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    I need to overclock my CPU and add some more memory.

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    My score is 5.9 over all, because of my normal hard drive. Everything else is 7.1 or higher.
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    My old system scores 7.9 on everything except CPU (7.8) and Graphics (7.7). Haven't run it on the new system yet...
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    I have no idea WTF is up with my RAM score, I used to get 7.7 @ 2133MHz. I'm wondering if the fresh install of W7 I done with SP1 slipstreamed in is somehow borked because Win thinks my CPU is 3.3GHz even with it OC'd to 4.5GHz. I swear it used to be able to tell the difference
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    I received 7.9 on everything but cpu.
    All my hardware details are at this link here
    The best I can do with air cooling is 4ghz on my i7 920. I get a 7.7. Is there anyway to tweak some settings? What is the cpu lacking to get just a 7.7? I don't beleive its just higher clock speeds. There has got to be something else.
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    i7-930 4.2ghz
    12gb g.skill f3-12800
    SLI GTX 580s
    Corsair F120 SSD as main drive

    Lenovo Thinkpad W520
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