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Thread: I am really impressed!!!

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    I am really impressed!!!

    I had been folding up until recently & never once did I see anything like this come from the F@H team (Pande Group). Here's the email I received this morning.

    Dear Indignity,

    We would like to congratulate you for successfully completing your first result for World Community Grid. This contribution and all future computer time that you donate will help advance research into:
    Human Proteome Folding 2
    Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together
    Help Conquer Cancer

    In addition to participating by donating your computer time, you may extend your involvement by joining a team (if not already a member of one) or inviting other people to join World Community Grid. Learn about other ways to get involved on the Explore World Community Grid page.

    You can track the research currently being done by your computer on the Results Status page. This page reflects the:
    time when a research work unit was sent to your computer
    current status of the work unit(s) you are processing
    work units that you have completed (for 4 days after validation)
    amount of CPU time donated to complete each work unit

    If you'd like to download the World Community Grid software to another computer, you can do that here.

    Thank you for contributing your unused computer cycles to help humanity! We look forward to your participation for many years to come!
    This is just awesome! I'm glad I switched!

    Sidenote if anyone can answer... Is GPUGRID affiliated with WCG? I'm considering running it on a few cards around here.
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    Yes, It´s nice getting emails now and then on updates from them.

    Only thing I know that´s remotely affiliated is they both use BOINC, and gpugrid uses 6.4xx.
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