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Thread: What should I do?

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    What should I do?

    I haven't used it since the beginning of the year so decided to put the pieces together for a friend. A 939 Athalon X2 3800 Manchester on a DFI Lanparty NF-4 Ultra. I was going to put in a new 9800GT card, now $90 on NewEgg.

    After a problem with booting went away, I ran memory tests, maybe rebooting a dozen times. Then it started booting with no video. I can't seem to debug it.

    Since I promised it, I need to get it working. 939 parts are just not available. So I seem to have three options.

    First, get an AM2 X2 3800 or 5200 processor ($30-50) with a low cost motherboard (770s for around $60, some older AMD or Nvidias for less). On rebate sales 4 GB DDR2 800 seems to be $15-25. Board, memory, processor just over $100.

    Second, get a 790 or current Nvidia motherboard with 6000+ or maybe a Phenom 8450. Total cost $180-200.

    Third, use an Intel P45 board (Asus has one with 8-phase power for $82 after rebate) with an Intel Wolfdale (45nm) processor, either an E5200 (X2, 200Mhz fsb, 12.5 multiplier, $82) or E7300 (X2, 267 fsb, 10 fsb, $120). Both overclock to around 3.5Ghz. The E7300 is available with that mobo in a bundle with $25 off. the first totals maybe $190, the second maybe $225.

    What do you recommend?

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    Option 3 is a better and faster system. Stick with Intel for now.
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    option 1, the money is coming out of someones pocket and if it was me and i was promised a computer, i wouldnt wanna have to pay another 100 bucks. and if i were you, i wouldnt wanna have to spend more then i have to. the basic am2 system will be faster then the s939 setup he was going to probably end up with.

    i no longer use a laptop.

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