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Thread: AMD to Give RV770 a Refresh, G200b Counterattack Planned

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbelJemka View Post
    My evidence just prove that 4870 oc with improve cooling are less expensive than 260GTX even 192. That the point! Gainward 4870 GS in particular is less expensive than 260GTX. So deny this review because of 4870 GS price it's stupid.
    4870 GS is cherry picked? Ok, now you know the card we have to buy
    Well the problem I had with that review was that it made it seem as if the HD 4870 scaled well in ALL games, when the truth is in fact more complicated.

    Also the memory overclock on that GTX 260 was crappy. Most cards seem good for at least 1250 on the memory, which will give you a bandwidth of about 140 GB/S, matching the GTX 280.

    Take this review for instance, where the GTX 260 is overclocked to 694/1496/1285, a 20% overclock on the core and a 28% overclock on the memory.

    And then compare it to this one. The HD 4870 is overclocked to 855/1100, a 14% overclock on the core and 33% on the memory.

    Look at the scaling between the two cards in both reviews.

    The GTX 260 not only has a higher overclock (with the exception of the memory), but it also SCALES BETTER IN THE GAMES.

    I think the low memory overclock in your review hampered the core from optimal performance. Old drivers also made it look subpar in comparison to the HD 4870 (not the reviewer's fault of course.)
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    just a little history
    ATI had held the lead for a while with the Radeon 8500 but NVIDIA retook the performance crown with the launch of the GeForce 4 Ti line. A new high-end refresh part, the 8500XT (R250) was supposedly in the works, ready to compete against NVIDIA’s high-end offerings, particularly the top line Ti 4600. Pre-release information listed a 300 MHz core and RAM clock speed for the "R250" chip. ATI, perhaps mindful of what had happened to 3dfx when they took focus off their "Rampage" processor, abandoned it in favor of finishing off their next-generation R300 card. This proved to be a wise move, as it enabled ATI to take the lead in development for the first time instead of trailing NVIDIA. The R300, with its next-generation architecture giving it unprecedented features and performance, would have been superior to any R250 refresh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nn_step View Post
    just a little history
    Nice history, but it won't really tell us what's coming in the future though...

    In that little story, the current ATI/AMD could soon be in the same shoes as the ATI in that story, or NVIDIA could fill the role of the ATI figure in that little history story. Who knows. Interesting times ahead in 2009 and in 2010 Larrabee will also shake things up a little (or a lot).
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