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Thread: The "Oh My, Look Who Has Pie" Thread

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    Xtreme crazy bastid
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    Apr 2007
    On mah murder-sickle!
    Right you slackers, I GOT PIE!


    Who here is gonna step up and take it from me?


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    OK, after a serious no-pie diet, I'm back and got some pie. At least on the old free-dc site....

    I have a ton of catching up to do. I felt like a noob when I brought on some HP G9 server love last week.

    I'm in the process of constructing Farm version 2.0. It should become full of server love if my "master plan to rule the world" works out....

    My next project for server machines will be to figure out how to water cool them. The tiny whiny hoover vacuum cleaner fans in them HAVE to go.

    The remnants of Farm V1.0 is getting cleaned up. Those poor Q6600 quads look SO 2007 now.... Some of them still work but they draw a boatload of power compared to what I have now...

    Good to see ya'll again. If this is not where folks are hanging out, please direct me there. I had a link that didn't seem to work when I asked about this before. Maybe I'm just a noob all over again...

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    Welcome back Bob, already seeing you doing some damage to the pies.

    Just started up recently again, let's see where this goes.. Miss the rush of the old times.
    Team XS:

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