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Thread: GA-MA790X-DS4 Bad Bios

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    GA-MA790X-DS4 Bad Bios

    Just got the Board and some D9GMH's

    I knew the rams could do 1160mhz @ 2.3V. Bought them used and they were Prime.

    With the Board i was only able to crank the Voltage up to 2,15...
    Since i couldnt find any VoltMods i thought about modding the Bios.
    So, after a bit of fiddeling with modbin i flashed...
    After the reboot i had a bad checksum and i think the Dual-Bios did its thing, cause the system booted no prob.

    First question, did the board copy the backup bios onto the main one or did it boot FROM the the backup ?

    So, after the machine booted i thought about flashing again. Since i knew the modbin Bios was corrupt i used cbrom and fiddled around with the 3 sensitive module s**t of the new Gigabyte bioses that prevent from RELEASING the modules before u EXTRACT one of those weird new security check files. Anyway, edited the file original bios file again and set the new DDR2 Voltage options....

    Everything went smooth and the Biosfile matched with the original one.

    So, reflashed. (Im guessing i flashed the main bios cause u CANT flash the BACKUP even though my omp would have bootet from it (right?)).

    Now im not getting any Video at all and i dont get a POST beep.
    Then i took out the RAM and im getting the appropriate beeps indicating the ram is missing or corrupt. So, since im getting BEEPS without RAM and none with the RAM installed, i came to the conclusion something went wrong with the new Voltages (even though i didnt set a new default value and only edited the table meaning after a cmos reset it should still be @1.8V).

    So does anyone have any idea wtf is going on and what i could do ?
    And could anyone clarify if the DualBios is not working in this case cause i flashed the BACKUP bios-chip(?) or because the modified Bios is working and just puts to much Voltage on the ram? (After putting the Rams in, i checked them on another board and they are still working )

    I already thought about Hotswapping (unsoldering) the chip with my DS3H, but since that one got onboard vga etc its 8bit not 4 and i cant flash it

    Oh, and pls dont ask why i didnt flash the WORKING ORIGINAL bios after my comp booted up the first time after the bad flash(i simply forgot rofl)

    BTW, is there any way to force a boot from the backup Bios?
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    nvm, its bricked. rma for me :/

    blind flash and even shortening pin5&6 of the bios-chip didnt work



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