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Thread: DVI to VGA Dummy.....56K!

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    DVI to VGA Dummy.....56K!

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    Hey Everybody,

    As Ya know, I had some Multi-GPU issues and managed to get them resolved. One of the long-term solutions was making and installing a "VGA Dummy". Very simple and easy to do, so I thought I would share some pix, and put the links in one thread.

    Shadowtester's links:

    VGA Dummy

    FAH folding Forum

    Google Diagram:

    As stated in the prior thread (linked above): Radioshack apparently does not carry "75 ohm" resistors, but any resistors from ~50-150 ohms will work from what I understand. What I do know is that Radioshack carries 68ohm resistors and they do work.

    Instead of using a VGA plug and then having to attach that to a VGA to DVI adapter--I couldn't foresee any reason why I couldn't just use a DVI to VGA, that's what I did:

    As can be seen in the picture, I alternated the orientation of the actual ceramic resistors in order to create a "built-in" seperator or divider to help keep the leads from contacting each other.

    So far its working Great! I've rebooted with the dummy installed and got exactly what I needed:

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