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Thread: $5000+ Build: Comments?

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    "Crysis Management" are you the Departmental Head?

    I'll give you 10 points for that one - I'm still chuckling..........yep..........that was a good one..........

    for better or worse, you can have the satisfaction of saying " I Did It My Way ".......................

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinas View Post
    Finally DO NOT BUY the samsung SSD, instead if you must have SSD buy the OCZ Core SSD drives for a fraction of the price @ nearly same performance point.

    Just an FYI, they are currently all re-branded Samsung SSDs. Also, you need to stay away from the MLC flash technology versions. Go with the SLC SSDs (unless you go with Intel). The SLC versions are more expensive, and less storage- but you won't get write latencies and hangs.

    If you don't want to wait for the Intel versions, you should stick with OCZSSD2-1S64G (64GB SLC SSD @ $800) or the OCZSSD2-1S32G (32GB SLC SSD @ $400)
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    I'm about to test your theory with a Patriot 64G MLC drive, but I agree - but I'm worried.
    At least mwave has a return policy, unlike the egg.

    However, any opinion on the GSkil 64G (apparently) SLC based SSD?
    Nice rebate right now.

    My reason for an SSD boot/program drive is instant return from "sleep" in a HTPC system.
    All recordings will be stored on a 1G drive, and the system will have no other uses.

    What I don't know about these drives is frightening.
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