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Thread: HELP: X48-DQ6/Q6600 overclocking advice

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    HELP: X48-DQ6/Q6600 overclocking advice

    Hi All

    I just got myself an X48-DQ6 and I've been having a few problems overclocking my Q6600. If I make any changes to the setting when I save and exit the BIOS it shuts down, powers back on, shuts down again, then restarts with stock settings...

    Anyone know how to overcome this or has any advice?

    So far all I've tried changing is below:
    Legacy USB storage detect: disabled
    CPU Clock Ratio: x9
    CPU Host Frequency: 270-333
    PCI Epress Frequency: Auto-100
    DRAM Timing: 5-5-5-(15/18/20)
    CPU Voltage Control:1.35-1.45

    Updated to current bios: F7

    My system:
    Intel Q6600
    Gigabyte X48-DQ6 motherboard
    2x2GB OCZ 1066 RAM
    Thermaltake V1 Cooler
    850W Antec TruePower power supply

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.



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    The startup and shutdown startup and shutdown then startup with default settings just means the OC setting you have put in failed to boot and the machine dont like those settings, it tests then twice, and if the machine still fails to boot it will just load the failsafe defaults to get it to boot.

    You need to fine tune your OC to make it bo0table, then if you get that fare you need to get a stable oc in windows .

    Try this thread for some info and tips http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/...hlight=x48+dq6
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    Cheers for the reply and thanks for the link. Still rather suprised tho, the setting seem well below what i should be capable of?

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    Lower your memory dividers and up your memory voltage... most of the time if it fails to boot then it's memory related.

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