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Thread: Computer Case & Workstation Gallery

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    There's something about a massive graphics card that gets me juicing. I was swapping out my old Titan to put into a dedicated VR box so I can move all the crap into a more VR friendly zone of the house. I didn't expect the 1080ti to be so much bigger than the Titan! It's like they get bigger and bigger every generation (after market coolers anyway) but then .. they don't at the same time because my case doens't get bigger (I'll have my TJ07 forever!).

    I dug up my original 8800GTX out of curiosity that cost me about $1k back in 2007-ish. I thought that it was the biggest badest thing EVER at the time. How funny.

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    i7 930, 12GB, 120V2 SSD, 5870 2GB eyefx6, 6 x Samsung 2443BW.

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    The theme was inspired by legendary PORSCHE 917. The only Gulf Porsche 917 to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans was the one driven in Steve McQueen's "Le Mans" movie. If you're a motorsports enthusiast, I highly recommend seeing this movie for vintage racing footage alone. The story line stinks, but it's really about the event and cars. There is an HD version on YouTube. Many innovations in cinematography were created while filming this movie. Steve's production company welded brackets to the front frame work of the 917, so they could mount a camera to shoot him, and the other drivers.

    The OC-FORCE motherboard has north and south bridge water block by EK. The EVGA 960Ti cards have Koolance water blocks with back plates. The black acetal block tops and back plates were painted the Gulf Racing blue. The Bitspower dress-up pump cover was painted orange. The four Corsair Vengeance DDR (32GB) heat spreaders were painted to match later the theme later. A lot of people asked how I painted them, so I created a video guide for dismantling and painting your own DDR heat spreaders here,

    Staying with the race car theme, I chose 1/2" O.D. Stainless Steel tubing was inspired by the fuel and brake lines of a race car. I used 316 Marine Grade Stainless, so corrosion isn't an issue. Working with Stainless Steel tubing requires a Mandrel bender and lots of practice. It takes a great deal of practice to get the perfect bends. I always keep my water loops simple for easy maintenance. I only use distilled water and change it every 6 ? 8 months. I may use Mayhems Dyes when using clear PETG tubing to accent a color theme in other builds. I?ve been DIY liquid cooling for past decade and find most cooling additives or radiator cleaners are gimmicks and a waste of your money. Just use distilled water and be diligent about cleaning your loop. The water pump is an Alphacool VPP655 with adjustable speed. It has a Bitspower dress-up kit. The pump cover was painted to match the exterior paint. Did you notice that my loop has no reservoir? I like my builds simple and clean. I have a Koolance bleed valve on top of the SLI bridge for filling the loop. I fill the loop through a Koolance 3-way splitter fitting with fill port on the top of the 360mm radiator. Beneath the PC is a Koolance Drain Valve. All I have to do is connect tubing to the drain valve and drain the loop into a bucket next to my workbench. The front grill is 1/8? thick cast acrylic that was laser cut into honeycomb. The top of the case has a smoked acrylic "moonroof" window. The clear side panel has embedded magnets. Both of these window panels are made by Mnpctech. It allows you to look into the PC from above. It has a machined aluminum 120mm ring / fan grill that emulates a fuel fill port on a race car. The ring has blue anodized washer with socket head screws. The rear fan grill is machined aluminum 120mm "Overkill" Ring. All of the fans are Scythe Gentle Typhoons AP-15. Part# D1225C12B5AP-15, 1,850 rpm, 28 dBA @ 57.68062 CFM. Unfortunately these cooling fans are no longer made by NIDEC SERVO, but there is still some available from online retailers. Dazmode sells similar version called the ?DarkSide Gentle Typhoon Performance Radiator Fan? They have good static pressure and under volt nicely. You can easily dismantle them for custom paint.

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    My humble case mod which participated in the Case Mod World Series by Cooler Master, Half Life 2: Gordon Freeman edition!!!!

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    here's mine, mastercase pro 5.

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    PC build inside a budget tempered glass case the Corsair SPEC-04.
    Everything is good in this case except one thing, personally I feel the front panel should be on the tempered glass side.

    Hope you like the build.

    System Spec :
    AORUS Z370 Ultra Gaming
    Corsair LPX 2 x 8GB 3600MHz
    AORUS RX 570 4G
    Corsair GTX H100i
    Corsair RM650x
    Corsair Force GT 240GB SSD
    Seagate 2TB Firecuda SSHD


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