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Thread: iPhone Soft. 2.0 update bricking?

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    iPhone Soft. 2.0 update bricking?

    Well I have a first Gen Iphone, which is unlocked & Jailbroken and I'm looking into upgrading the thing to Soft 2.0 but I've been looking at blogs etc saying it can brick your iPhone (first Gen) when doing so.

    Anyone have experience?

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    My buddy has a hacked up first gen iPhone and he went to 2.0 just fine. He actually downgraded to an unhacked firmware first, and then upgraded. I suggest that path if you are concerned. At least that way you can go get warranty help with a clear mind.
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    For those who Jailbreak their iPods/iPhones... what does it do that we don't have with 2.0
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    its the new outlook/Exchange support etc I'm really looking forward to and the Pushing of mails

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    I think you can unlock it with ZiPhone after the upgrade but i wouldn't do it. I won't trade the Installer apps for the crap found in the AppStore at the moment.
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    I just 'restored' my 1.1.3 jailbroken ipod touch to 1.1.4 via itunes then upgraded to the 2.0...

    And the new firmware is AMAZING. Compared to the BS they had on it when the IPT came out, WOW. This thing is usefull right out of the box, not even hacked!

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    2.0 has a few bugs in it, I have had some little issues on my iPhone 3G.

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    Mine works okay. Have the 1st gen one, and upgraded to 2.0. With 2 something gigabytes of space left, stuff still tends to lag a bit. And it's not very good at all. And Safari still crashes too.

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