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Thread: New Personal SP 1M Record On Water - Done With E8400 !!!

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    Exclamation New Personal SP 1M Record On Water - Done With E8400 !!!

    Just managed to get a new 1M personal record on water with my new E8400 - water temp 11 - 12C:

    My previous record was done with the QX9650:

    Cooling station setup:

    Very good job done by the E8400............

    If nothing works nomore......:

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    My E8400 was pretty the same. Water@+15C ambient:
    Vmods - what can possibly go wrong?

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    Mine is 9.39's with water on 3x ambient:
    Intel E8600 E0@420x10(H20)/Abit IP35 Pro/Team Xtreem DDR 2 1066mhz D9GKX@420mhz,5-4-4-11-2T /Crucial Ballistx Tracer DDR 2 800mhz 16FD3@420mhz 5-4-4-11-2T/Gigabyte GTX260 SOC@720/1512/1300/LG SATA DVD-RW/WD 320GB +Segate 1TB/Corsair HX520W/Enlight Lian Li OEM PC7A casew/W65A Side panel
    Liquid cool: Dtek Fuzion V2,Swiftech MCR220,Swiftech Radbox,Swiftech Micro res,Nirox P2800 modded pump,Generic 1/2" ID tubing,3xYate Loon mid speed

    Note:E8500 is 9.5x but cpuz got issue and X2 4600+ is oc with stock cooler,max validation and never push
    9.204's PI



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