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Thread: 8800GT Crysis benchmarks

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    8800GT Crysis benchmarks

    I originally posted this in the 4850 review thread for comparison but it may have been seen as a thread hijack so I'm posting it in a new thread! Also let it be known that I do not think these results are in any way comparable to gameplay performance, they are here as relative data points.

    I just did my own little benchmark to compare my 8800GT to the 4850. My system:
    Vista 32-bit
    E6300 @ 3150MHz
    2GB ram at 450 5-5-5-15

    Running Crysis Benchmark as follows on my reference clocked 600/1500/900 8800GT:

    And now with the exact same settings but my 8800GT overclocked to 729/1836/993:

    Considering the massive cpu advantage Jimmy's system has, I'm not too impressed with the 4850 by itself. However, considering how it is a hair faster than a 9800GTX ( with which I think my overclocked GT is comparable) and the overclocking potential and how most people will be able to easily crossfire them, it seems to be a winner!

    Last EDIT:I upped my memory frequency from 993mhz overclock to 1100mhz and it net me an average 34.09 FPS using exact same settings as above.

    If I were to upgrade, I think I would upgrade to a 4870, provided that the higher clocks result in a marked increase in performance compared to the 4850.

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    is that the default timedemo benchmark thing? I havent used crysis or run it yet but there was an interesting reply in that thread that no one has really touched on. TechReport played the game and used FRAPS and ran through with all the cards.

    Any input? I'd like to see what more have to say as I have yet to really touch crysis at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nedjo View Post
    as I wrote in my previous post this way of benchmarking Crysis is absolutely pointless, 'cos this FlyBy benchmark is heavily texture streaming bound and it doesn't reflects in-game performance.

    In game situation is completely different as you can see in TR's test:

    In reality 3870 is almost fast as 8800GTX, and trust me 4850 will be way much faster!!

    That's why I would like if jimmyz could run Crysis in a way I've described?!

    Also did you look at the call of juarez fps, very impressive numbers IMO. Have you benched your card in it yet? Would be nice to see those results compared to the 4850.
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    Thanks for making a separate thread for this


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    @Gleason: That is the default Crysis timedemo, the benchmark utility is just a fancy graphical front end so that you can make adjustments to the settings and whatnot. As was pointed out in the other thread and at the top of my original post, the fly-by is not representative of gameplay at all. However, the benchmark utility has one more timedemo that is much different from the default flyby. The flyby does not contain any action, it is not in the first person perspective, the enemy artificial intelligence is not active, and there is no heavy physics calculations being done, and no heavy partical effects. The "Assault_Harbor" timedemo that is included in the benchmark utility has all of these things. To compare, when I ran that on my overclocked card, I got around 25FPS if I remember correctly. I'll double check today to make sure.

    As for COJ, I unfortunately don't have this game.

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    how do you run this timedemo??? I cant do it!!! Assault_harbor doesnt work either!? I have the game installed to "C:\Games\Crysis" instead of program files, do you think this is the problem, because its really getting to me atm, any help would be appreciated!

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