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Thread: Help with system cooling...

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    Question Help with system cooling...

    Okay. I need some major suggestions. I just built my first system and it is all stock cooling. The system is running hot. Here are the specs:

    - CASE -

    Thermaltake Xaser VI

    - CPU -

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450

    - VIDEO CARD -

    BFG Nvidia Geforce 9800 GX2


    Asus Rampage Formula X48


    1 x Western Digital Velociraptor 300 GB 10,000 RPM

    3 x Seagate 7200.11 750 GB 7,200 RPM


    Lite-On 20 x DVD Writer

    Rosewill Memory Card/Floppy Drive

    - MONITOR -

    Acer 22" LCD

    - PSU -

    Cooler Master 650W

    Okay, the processor is running around 50 C on idle and upwards of 70 C under load with the stock Intel cooler.

    This is my system. My main problem is choosing a CPU heatsink. I was almost positive that I wanted to go with the IFX-14. Only thing is, I am not sure if I can mount it vertically so that the fans will be facing the rear exhaust fan like I want with my motherboard. If someone can clarify whether it will go on that way without modification, please do...

    The reason I want it to face this way is because of my PSU. It has a fan on the bottom and putting the heatsink horizontally would push hot air into this area. I do, on the other hand, have an exhaust fan on top of the case.

    As you can see, in one of the pictures, there is a 140 mm fan intaking air on the bottom of my case. This fan will be being replaced with 2 XCLIO Amazing LED 140 mm fans. This should help to cool my 9800 GX2 which is running in the low 70's C idle and around 78-79 C under load.

    I know this is a pretty complex situation but I am looking to give my PC a complete air cool remodeling...for lack of a better term. Sorry for rambeling on and on, but if I could get some opinions on a complete air cool setup, that would be great.

    Try to keep it under $200 for now. I may have more money for upgrades in the future, but I want to get a functional air cooling system down for now.

    Thanks in advance for the help,


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    Consider Xigmatek HDT-S1283 or Sunbeam for heat sink.
    THese are much easier to install, lighter wt and almost as good cooling. Also consider better airflow with higher CFM rear exhaust like S-Flex G 1900 rpm or higher depending on tolerance for noise, like Silverstone. Add 2nd bottom intake fan below the GPU to blow directly into the Geforce 9800 GX2. The heat from GPU is adding to hot air around the CPU/HS area. If still hot, consider putting a scythe kamabay intake fan in the lower 3 5.25 bays at front and replace its fan with a 1600 rpm fan S-flex F to deliver cooler air to CPU fan
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    Anybody? I could really use some help so if anyone has an opinion please feel free to post...

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    could u flip the psu upside down so that the fan would be on top and draw in cool air from outside the case? try measuring the distance between the holes for the heatsink, if they're the same for top and side then you should be able to mount a heatsink either way because the holes are square. on my am2 board the holes form a rectangle so i only have one choice on how to mount my heatsink. do you have to use 140mm fans or can you mount 120mm's? i dont know how selection is for 140mm's or how close to their stated ratings they are.
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    The heatsink can be mounted either way but this is not the issue.

    The problem is I am not sure whether the heatsink will fit over the northbridge heatsink that is on the motherboard. The Thermalright website says that it will mount on the Rampage Formula but I don't know if it will mount both ways and still fit...

    Yes, I can use 120 mm fans as well as 140 mm fans for every location on the case. I just figured I would get more air flow out of 140 mm but if this is not the case I am willing to switch.

    What does everyone reccomend in the fan area? I like the XCLIO Amazing fans because they have a rear mounted control and I can change the LED color but as long as the fans have a blue LED then they are okay...

    Keep the opinions coming...

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