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Thread: Foxconn Quantum Force Black Ops X48 OC Guide (56k Warning)

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    on BO cooling the nb is important, make sure it stays cool enough so you can touch it for seconds without burning your hand and its good enough
    then increase nb volts, cause higher nb volts will let you clock mem higher too
    so do that first, and then increase mem volts if you still cant get it stable.

    some mem is really sensitive about higher vdimm, idk what mem chips your sticks are using... try to find out and check if they are ok at high volts.
    make sure they stay cool as well... and increase trfc and tras, those help with large amounts of memory...

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    OK thanks for the advise. I settled in for 400 FSB as anything above would not be stable no matter how high I pumped the voltage into it... Since this is going to be an everyday overclock for gaming etc I want it as stable as possible and 3.2Ghz on a Q8400 is enough for me... Memory runs at stock voltage now without issue. Ran OCCT for 2 hours last night without issue.

    Thanks again for the responce!
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