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Thread: what ram to DDR3?

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    what ram to DDR3?

    Good morning

    firstly sorry for my English really bad

    I'd like to do is turn my ram at about 750MhZ with settings optimized as possible (settings in the bios on Maximus Extreme)

    I currently have some g.skill pc12800HZ CAS7 (D9JNL) 6-6-6-16 and 1.92V but I happen to not really be stable.

    it is best to have a ram D9JNL or D9GTR for this frequency? which will keep this a better frequency and more optimized possible?

    I hesitate between cellshock pc12800 7-6-6-18 (D9GTR) and cellshock pc12800 7-7-7-14 (D9JNL)

    telling me that my g.skill are perhaps not as good as it

    thank you to you

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    In general, GTR likes lower timings then JNL, I would deff go for the Cell if they're GTR and you want to run "low" freq with tight timings... However... 750mhz is REALLY slow for DDR3.... We're seeing frequencies 50% higher with the current DDR3... I would deff say, consider other settings in generel, if you want performance....

    Ohh, and, this is the very wrong section to post in...
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    see, i told you running ddr3 1500 doesnt make any sense :P
    tistou77 believes running ddr3 at 1500 and then tweak the timings means its easier to tweak and it will be more stable than higher speeds with more relaxed timings
    With ddr2 it was like that... tweaking max stable speed with cas4 was easier than max speed with cas5... but with ddr3 its a different thing.
    low speed cas6, med speed cas7 or high speed cas8... there is no big difference really...
    getting cas6 stable at low speeds is just as much tweaking as getting cas8 stable at high speeds, at least in my experience.

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