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Thread: e4300 bsel mod 800 to 1333 on cheap ecs g31t-m board confirmed!

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    e4300 bsel mod 800 to 1333 on cheap ecs g31t-m board confirmed!

    ok i know there is a major thread out there for fsb1333 mod, so please
    no nay sayers. I havent seen any confirmed 800 to 1333 mods so here I am.

    I was making a cheapo build for htpc, but wanted the max bang. I was able to make an e4300 oc on the board from 800 default to 1333 stock.
    Used circuit writer pen for this mod.
    This mod has been talked about, but no one has confirmed it working.
    It is a little easier than trying to reach a pin above the 1066 mod.

    Anyone who owns the mb knows you cannot oc a proc from 1066 to
    1333 just by using the OC tools in bios. But with the bsel mod it works!
    Also my proc worked on stock volts, so no volt mod necessary. Others
    may have to volt mod as well. It will not work on boards that compare
    cpu fsb with cpuid (like gigabyte)
    I assume this will work on boards that have bios support for 1333 fsb processors.
    Should work nicely with high multi cheapo procs.
    post results if successfull.
    (oh and the temps are high because using stock cooler + running
    orthos to keep multi high up, EIST works well with this mod)

    Pics are attached.
    1) shows the mod done
    2) shows working on the ECS g31t-m mobo.
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    Good work! Now i know what to do with that free board i got at Fry's!
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    You may not need to actually bridge the BSEL2 pin/pad, just masking it may be enough.
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