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    Talking Tool to change CPU string

    I don't know if it's been posted before, but I downloaded a program called "Central Brain Identifyer" which works much like Wcpuid, but with a little more info. Under the tweaks tab, there's a tool to reprogram the CPU string on the CPU. Pointless but fun, a personalized CPU..

    Perhaps a useful tool for people working/benching lots of CPU's etc.

    Note the namestring in the screenshot, especially in the right one: :P

    CBI can be downloaded from it's homepage:

    Central Brain Identifier

    Since I can't see any download link on the official page, I'll share the download link:

    Central Brain Identifier 3.0b

    ps. I noticed the tool can disable L1 data cache ECC checking. Not sure I dare to disable it though.
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