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    Post Rad Chiller Concept

    Okey guys, you know i bought some time off martin to run his mill. He has so far designed this for me for my post rad chiller concept.

    Im thinking it will work, but i could use some advice from people who are more experienced with this stuff.

    This unit will have its own loop. Cold side will be connected to main loop after radiator and before the cpu. Hot side will be on its own loop with a dedicated PA160.

    I was thinking intially 3x62W [1 meanwell S320 should handle this] TEC's. However martain can stretch the area wide enough to take 437W tec's if i ask him to.

    Heres our wonderful martin's creation:


    So lets hear it. How would i make this better without causing him too much work or is it ready to go?
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