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Thread: what sort of thermal rating are future quad cores going to have?

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    what sort of thermal rating are future quad cores going to have?

    I am just wondering if anyone knows if the future (next year or present) quad core 775 cpu's are going to put out less heat than my current g0 q6600?

    i have an entire 437w tec loop waiting to be installed but i am in the middle of building a custom case to house it all. I'm at 3.6ghtz at the moment 400x9
    and early next year would like to make an upgrade when i install the peltier setup if i thought i would notice the speed... would like to top 4 ghtz for sure.

    i am considering upgrading from my ab9 quadgt p965 board and 4x1gb ddr2 6400
    to maybe a 780i hopefuly when there is a new revision out and some faster 2x2gb memory as i have heard 2 sticks makes overclocking easier than four.

    if future quads will be just as hot or hotter i dont think i will bother with the upgrade i'll just sell of my peltier stuff and stay at 3.6 for another year p'raps.

    any ideas?

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    yes 45nm runs cooler, but cant take much as much voltage as 65nm, from things ive seen on here anyway and a couple of other sites.

    but yes they run cooler.

    top thermal is still in 70c range I think



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