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Thread: [Mini test] NorthQ Giant Reactor 1KW Psu

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    [Mini test] NorthQ Giant Reactor 1KW Psu

    Nosfer@tu has sent me a NorthQ Giant Reactor 1000 WATT PSU, and I will do a review of it. I have the rig to do some real life load testing on it. So here we go.

    By giraffen, shot with Caplio R6 at 2007-11-06

    By giraffen, shot with Caplio R6 at 2007-11-06

    By Giraffen

    Specifications :

    +3.3v : 25A
    +5v : 30A
    +12v1 : 35A
    +12v2 : 35A
    -5v : -
    -12v : 0.3A
    +5Vsb : 3A

    +3.3V and +5V combined load must not exceed 200W

    Noise Level:

    12 - 17dB at load up to 400Watt
    17 - 25dB at load between 400 - 800Watt
    +25dB at 1000Watt load

    Cable configuration:

    1 x 24/20pin ATX cable
    1 x 8pin detachable motherboard extension cable (4pin+4pin)
    4 x 6pin PCi-express cable (Quad SLi capability)
    8 x S-ATA plug on 2 cables (4 on each cable)
    8 x Molex plug on 2 cables (4 on each cable)
    1 x Floppy plug on 1 cable (1 on molex rail)

    A total of 8 cables from Power Supply

    Key info :

    Extreme EPS12V 1000Watt PSU
    Active PFC
    24-pin ATX extension (backward compatible with 20pin)
    135mm fan installed
    Fan speed control function inside
    Full cable sleeving and black connectors
    8 * S-ATA lines
    4 * 75Watt PCI-Express line for Quad SLi
    Black coated case and black FAN grill

    By Giraffen

    The load messured on the hole of the PSU is between 425-720W, during my benching.

    By giraffen, shot with Caplio R6 at 2007-11-06

    Measured 12 Volt, it is stable as a rock. Between 12,05-12,07 Volt Very impressive

    By giraffen, shot with Caplio R6 at 2007-11-06

    And 5V line here, Between 5,11-5,14Volt

    By giraffen, shot with Caplio R6 at 2007-11-06
    as you se I have a tangmeter (is that the english word ? ) but you need to seperate each different volt line, 3.3, 5.5 and 12 volt lines before you can use it. And that would be QUITE a task. So I dident find the use for it this time

    It is a very power full PSU. Cable length is long enough for a tower cabinet. And noise….. I didn’t hear it. The price is about 165€. I think it´s a Really good buy for people who have a power full system, but dont want to pay 200+ Euro

    For more specs
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    I like your first user review

    And XS users, If you have questions, suggestions or want my mate Giraffen to test somthing fell free to ask

    Thx giraffen
    Former owner of


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    Looks good champ and do you remember what i said about the cpu .

    Best Regards.



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