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Thread: **Failed, problem riddled Sales & Advertising in Vapor Change**

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    **Failed, problem riddled Sales & Advertising in Vapor Change**

    To everyone who has had an issue with a person, or group of persons, please do not create a new thread stating this for the time being.
    We, as in XS Staff, are working on getting this worked out.

    At present, we are working to set anyones access who has outstanding deals.
    All 'builders' who are on staff, have been removed.

    As a single warning, to anyone and everyone.

    We allow zero advertising in this section. Condsider this your 1st warning. The next one will give you a 3 day, the one after, will be a permanent vacation from our forums.
    There will be no exceptions.

    If you have a link, remove it, now, or take a 3 day.
    Any sort of service you may handle must be done within the services section of the classifieds, again, no exceptions.

    We are looking to find a single person who will handle the idea thrown out by members to create a list of 'builders'. Exact details on this list is still being discussed and this list will be placed within the services section once ready.

    Watch this thread for updates. We will want anyone who has outstanding debts to contact someone at some point.
    That info will be collected and put together.

    Again, do not post any threads right now saying so-and-so owes you this or that, you will receive the same treatment.

    We are working on this, but it will take some time, be patient.

    IFMU & Xtreme Systems Staff

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    **UPDATE** ~ Phase Cooling ~ Sales/Advertising/Purchasing **

    Only pre-built phase-change coolers can be sold in XtremeSystems Forums (XS) and strictly in the area of the
    XtremeSystems Forums > For Sale / Classifieds > For Sale > Cooling

    Pre-built means finished phase-change coolers that are finished, tested and ready to be shipped to the potential buyers.

    The seller must post a photo of the pre-built phase-change cooler working with a thermometer on the evaporator showing the effective temperature. The photos must include the username and the date handwritten on a piece of paper in a visible way.
    This rule is mandatory, any post not complying with it will be immediately deleted and the user will be subject to sanctions (infractions/warnings), that can include up to a permanent banning.

    Effective immediately no offers for custom builds will be allowed on XS.

    Offers for custom builds means any offer of services to build any phase-change cooler , directly offering the user or by a third person.
    This prohibition includes the offering for separate parts of phase-change cooler with the promise to assemble it.

    Anyone caught offering custom builds will be permanently banned.

    Xtreme Systems, its owner and staff will not be liable for any loss arising from any from the sell of phase-change coolers or any other goods or services offered by Xtreme Systems users in our Forums.
    We hereby expressly exclude any liability computed by the laws of any jurisdiction.

    This update is in conjunction with any and all other forums/classifieds rules and guidelines already in place or to be added at a future date.

    While we do regret having to go to this extent and removing all custom building, we have no other choice but to do so. We only take this stance in an attempt to help protect our memberbase from any further problems caused by things that have previously happened. We do hope to help finalize any previous dealings as things continue on those grounds.
    Please acknowledge and follow these guidelines, they are here to help protect our members, all of you.
    Thank you for your understanding,

    Xtreme Systems Staff

    Many thanks to Pedro Rocha for the writing pre-drafts up for this updated rules addendum.



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