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Thread: Antec 900 vs Antec P180B 1.1

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    Jun 2007
    I own a p180b and, for the price, I don't think there's a more complete all-around solution for enthusiasts with a budget.
    Style, silence, airflow, bay management, fan control, cable management, the list goes on and on.

    If I had the dough to drop on something in the premium category, I think some of the Silverstone and Lian Li cases at the high-end will beat the p180b handily.
    But for $100 or less, I think it's untouchable.
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    For those with the P180, are you able to install a long psu? I'm debating between the 900 and P180 and I'm worried my Silverstone OP1000 won't fit in the P180 because of the fan placement.

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    Watch out Antec ,the CoolerMaster CM690 have the elegant look of the Antec P182 , the twins top 120/140mm Fans of the Antec P190 ,the full front Mesh of the Antec900 , Plus a Bottom 120/140mm Fan ,Plus a 80mm Fan at the back of the motherboard ,Plus two 120/140mm Fans on the LeftSide panel ,plus cable management at the back of the motherboard ,total of seven 120/140mm fans , all this for about 60 usa dollars (Cheap)
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    just take out the fan that is by the psu. i modded my p180 for a 120mm fan in fron of the lower hdd bay.
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