Got my IFX-14 in earlier today and have been playing pretty much all day, and would like to share some pics and results

I only have pics now, wanna get at least a full set of data before I throw it up in a graph

So here's some pics:

The boxes

First opening:

The HSFs :

Take them out, take them out of the plastic bags, and this is what you get (not what I wanted to see....):

Well, it was easy to straighten out:

(wasn't perfect, but a 38mm fan fits well and fairly snuggly inside, which is satisfactory)

Fin comparison, IFX vs. Ultra-120 eX vs. backside cooler:

The backside cooler (notice the clear plastic strip for electrical insulation ):

What's included with the Ultra-120 eX:

What's included with the IFX-14:

Next post will have results