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Thread: 8800 GTS SLi Vs. 8800 GTX

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    8800 GTS SLi Vs. 8800 GTX

    as the title says.. which will be better?

    are there any online tests like this?
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    8800gts sli should be better...
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    IMHO it depends on ur system and games config

    cause if u r using a 19 or 20" widescreen for example the single 8800GTX will be good enough and will also reduce the consumed power and dumped heat in ur system

    while 2 GTS will be handy imho if u play using high resolution
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    The usuable memory in SLI is the same (available memory does not stack double) as with a single card; SLI will not "Add" or expand the resolution to a monitor setup! I learned this from others. 512 + 512 in SLI = 512
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    I believe that if you are interested in 3DMark scores, you should get the 2 GTS's. If not, get the GTX, you won't have any problem in today's games and you can always get a second
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