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Thread: Check out D9D Fatbody on 680i

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    Talking Check out D9D Fatbody on 680i

    Im posting some pictures for you to see, how D9D overclocks on 680i motherboard.
    Fatbody has big advantage running 1T Command Rate with tight timings like ddr1, so Im always using 1T.

    Board is Asus P5n32-e Sli. and im using 2x1gb D9DQW sticks.

    First my 24/7 DDR2 settings with Celeron D

    Nuclearus with 100% Overclocked E4300 and DDR2-800 3-2-2 1T

    E4300 and Spi 1M

    Fatbody and P5N32-E SLI just love eachother!
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