Xtreme 3D Team needs to be arranged, as the name denote this section is for 3D Mark results, preferentially from users benching for on our tem: Xtreme 3D Team

For more general 3DMark / 3D Benching we create a new sub-section here : 3DMark Info And Support.

Here are a few examples what are the type of post that should go to 3DMark Info And Support:
- Why such a low 3Dmark score?
- How to improve my 3DMark score
- I have a new card here is my 3Dmark stock scores!

Graphic cards related posts (cards features, problems...) should go to Hardware - Graphic cards.

Graphic cards cooling questions should be posted at Cooling

3D Benching software related post at: Software - Benchmarking Programs

Please help the moderators to keep XS clean and organized for all your viewing pleasure.

Thank you