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Thread: Anyone having problems with wu's named "one_xbench..."?

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    Anyone having problems with wu's named "one_xbench..."?

    My production has been crippled by a these wu's and I just aborted around 1000 hours of crunching time due to them. Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with em?

    It didnt crunch like a normal wu, and would pop in and out of the processes using about 1 sec in 10 with idle processes getting the rest.


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    Yeah me too, getting caught in endless loops finishing without exit files, i had to reset three machines, and then the project ran out of work yesterday, so I switched all my rigs over to cpdn for a little while.

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    i noticed my credit was down for the last two days. I have moved my kenstfield over to WCG for now.

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