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Thread: What's the best TRAS to use?

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    What's the best TRAS to use?

    I have been running benches to try to determine the best overall timings for my RAM in my system.

    I already know what is best for CAS-TRCD-TRP timings (lower = better obviously)
    But i am messing with TRAS right now, trying to figure out the best possible setting.
    Now normally i'd assume lower = better, but does it?

    I'd love to be able to run games & 3DMark forever to test this, but it's simply too time-consuming to do to figure it out.

    So i've been running SuperPI & Everest.

    I run each bench at least 4 times & average the results for consistency.

    With SuperPI, lower TRAS = better.

    But with the Everest benches, it doesn't seem that way.
    What i'm wondering is if anyone knows what will translate into real-world performance better.

    I'll post my SuperPI & Everest average for 5-5-5-10 vs. 5-5-5-9:

    SuperPI 1.5 XS 1M:

    Obviously, lower - better.

    But here's Everest's averages:
    (Higher is better excepting latency bench)

    read - 14450.75
    write - 7656
    copy - 6589.75
    latency - 61.9
    read - 14430.5
    write - 7654.25
    copy - 6576.25
    latency - 61.825

    With the exception of latency, all Everest scores are better with a 10 TRAS than a 9, opposite of SuperPI...

    Input would be appreciated
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    for me, with low trc, low tras= better. with high trc, high tras is better. AM2 system
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