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Thread: Gigabyte DS4@DQ6 F5 965P SLI 7600GT results!

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    Gigabyte DS4@DQ6 F5 965P SLI 7600GT results!

    No OC here just stock speeds, I thought it would be useful to know different SLI results under the 965P chipsets! so here it is!!

    With 85.96 Hacked drivers and SLI enabled:

    With 85.96 Hacked drivers and SLI DISABLED

    Played Oblivion with AA at 4x, fluent graphics! When I used the non SLI I had stutters in Oblivion with AA at 4x so ingame it works quite well also! Only I had expected more of a performance boost in 3dmark, like more closely to double of the non sli. If you have seen the Crossfire setup on 965P (Anandtech had this tested) it could probably get much better with good drivers and the problem does not lie within the 4x limit (if this is even true!). But we will have to be patient to what will happen!!
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    Thanks for providing this. I am going to learn about 3D max.

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