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Thread: Core Duo -> Core2 Duo Mac mini?

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    Core Duo -> Core2 Duo Mac mini?

    A friend of mine has a Mac Mini and would like to upgrade to a Core2 Duo, but he doesn't know what that would entail.

    He's looking at grabbing one of those right now. Anyone know if it will work in a Core duo mini? I know that on a PC all you need to do is upgrade the bios and have a compatible chipset, but Mac's don't have a BIOS, they have EFI so I couldn't really help him out.
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    since core duo is a mobile chip, he'd have to get a merom. beyond that, i'm not sure.

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    The Mac Mini will detect the Merom without problems.

    Remember that Merom has 479 pins and that the Conroe with 775 pins is not compatible!

    So it's either Core 2 Duo
    T5500 (1.66Ghz 2MB cache),
    T5600 (1.83Ghz 2MB cache),
    T7200 (2.0Ghz 4MB cache),
    T7400 (2.13Ghz 4MB Cache) or
    T7600 (2.33Ghz 4MB cache).
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