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Thread: Xtreme Reviews Team Now Open For Members

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    Exclamation Xtreme Reviews Team Now Open For Members

    Xtreme Reviews Team is Open For New Members.

    Tasks Include:

    - Checking different sections of xs for different hardware reviews/testing etc
    - Creating Listings for hardware with multiple reviews
    - Searching through XS past database to find reviews of new hardware prior to formation of Forum Reviews
    - Couple of other tasks not listed in public eye.

    You may join as long as you:

    - Are online on XS at least once a week
    - Have at least 200 posts
    - Can write relatively good english
    - Are familiar with the basics of HTML
    - Are familiar with Reviews

    That's basically it


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    im in lol

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    well im not extactly familiar with html and reviews, but i am willing to review my x-fi xtreme music!!
    My Rig:
    i7 3770k
    Sabertooth Z77
    MSI GTX680 reference
    2x8gb Mushkin Redline 8-8-8-18 @1600
    Corsair Neutron 256gb
    2x Toshiba 7200rpm 3TB(Raid 0)
    Corsair 600T White
    Corsair HX750
    Asus PCE-AC66
    Hanns-G 27"

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    What exactly do you mean by "relatively good english"?
    A F1 car is relatively slow compared to a space shuttle :P
    "Perfection is a state you should always try to attain, yet one you can never reach." - me =)

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    The review team idea is suspended for now.


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