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Thread: Xtreme Legend: Hallowed Point

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    Xtreme Legend: Hallowed Point

    One person we got to know and stood out in the community, I wish we could have done this under better circumstances but I feel the honor would suite him well.

    When you see his posts they will stand out a little more.

    RIP - Phillip Allan Martinmaas - 07/12/1983 - 07/16/2006
    Intel 9990XE @ 5.1Ghz
    ASUS Rampage VI Extreme Omega
    GTX 2080 ti Galax Hall of Fame
    64GB Galax Hall of Fame
    Intel Optane
    Platimax 1245W

    Intel 3175X
    Asus Dominus Extreme
    GRX 1080ti Galax Hall of Fame
    96GB Patriot Steel
    Intel Optane 900P RAID

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    A great honor!! congrats!

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    I didn't know him but from what I read he sounded like a great guy!
    This is something nice to say to his family that he isn't forgotten.
    Crunch with us, the XS WCG team
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    A good project with good goals.
    Come join us,get that warm fuzzy feeling that you've done something good for mankind.

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