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Thread: Free-DC stats sig guide.

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    Talking Free-DC stats sig guide.

    First off thanks for helping with XtremeSystems DC projects. Below is a guide on how to create and add the great DC stats sigs displaying how your doing in DC projects into your sig like many of the other DC'ers around. The stats are created by a rival team Free-DC who are a great bunch of DC addicts and specifically by Bok who has done the fantastic work on these stats to give us our daily stats fix.

    1) to get you Free-DC stats sig you must first register on the forums by clicking the following link: http://www.free-dc.org/forum/ , their forums are the same as XS with different colours so you should be able to work out how to register and how to log in but for those who forgot it's in the top bar of the forums, once registered make sure to log into the forums.

    2)Once in go to the Free-DC stats page: stats.free-dc.org . The main stats page is easy to negotiate and contains all the projects in the list on the front page, the page looks like this

    ,simply click the name of the desired project you want stats for to be taken to it's stats.

    3) next you will be presented with a page displaying the top teams and users overall and for that day which looks like this,

    simply click one of the XtremeSystems team names to be taken to our teams stats for that project. If in the unlikely event XtremeSystems is not on the front page for something click on the title to one of the 4 sections and search through until you find XtremeSystems or someone in the team and then click the team name. You are now on the teams stats for the project you selected.

    4) You are now in the teams stats for that project and are presented with some graphs and a list of the team members which looks like this,

    simply search through the list until you find your name, you can list the stats by daily work or total credit amongst other things if it makes it easier to find your name. When you find your name click on it.

    5) Once clicked on your name you need to check the url in the addres bar of your web explorer, here what my personal stats for rosetta look like.

    Notice the last name/numbers/letters after the final "=" sign this is your user I.D. Here's the url for my rosetta stats:


    Notice the numbers "64620" at the end of the url that I highlighted in bold, this is my user id i need to enter in the stats tool.

    6) go to the "statstool config" by clicking the link in the left handside tool bar. You will now be taken to a page listing all the projects for you with blank boxes next to each project name. P.S. you must be logged in on the Free-DC forums to use the "statstool config".

    7) Now you need the user id you got from your url earlier mine was "64620". As this is for rosetta i scroll down to the rosetta box, as rosetta is a boinc project it's called boinc rosetta, and enter the id in the blank box for it, the statstool config looks like this i have filled in the rosetta box with my id as you can see.

    Now make sure to tick the tick box to the right of the box for it to show in your stats sig and click update, it should now have generated your stats sig at the top of the page. Next you an add your DCR rank to your sig this is Free-DC's DC ranking for individuals but you have to add it to you sig for you to show in the dcr rankings. Also in the lower end of the statstool config section where you select DCR rank you can select to change your stats sig title to whatever you want and you can change colours, but you need some basic html code for the colours to change the colours e.g. the colour for the XS forum background is 220 220 220 as modelled by lv_dicedealers sig . This is what the section of the statstool that allows you to do this in looks like,

    After you've finished playing around you can click update again to get your final sig.

    8) right click your newly generated sig at the top of the page and click prperties to get this little popup window, in the top left of this picture with the highlighted ul.

    Simply copy the entire "Location" url that I have highlighted and paste it into your sig for XS in the "user cp/edit signature". Once you have pasted the url make sure to wrap the url with IMG tags these are "[IMG]www.whatever.com[/IMG]" without the apostrophies and with your url obviously . Now click preview signature and it should appear and look like this,

    , you can now play around with placement using the XS sig tools and click save signature when finished,

    you now have your own Stats sig

    One problem that may arise could be with the user id. In some projects the user id at the end of the url includes "+" in it which is html code and should be replaced with spaces when entering the user id in the statstool. Cheers to Bok for pointing this out below in this thread (he explains it better than me so i've quoted his post to ).

    Quote Originally Posted by Bok
    For some projects (like F@H for instance) they do not provide unique ids so in my database I use the name+team, so picking the top user in my database we would get their userpage as


    Note in the id it has Christian_BargmannTeam+MacOS+X

    The '+'s are just html formatting because you can't have spaces in a url, so when entering this id in statstool it should be

    Christian_BargmannTeam MacOS X

    i.e. replace the + with a space

    Quote Originally Posted by lv_dicedealer
    Also, if you would like your stats to match the XS forum background the color code is: 220 220 220
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