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Thread: X2 3800+ overclock dissappointing - ideas?

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    X2 3800+ overclock dissappointing - ideas?

    asus a8v deluxe
    zalman 9500led
    memory is in the non blue slots, 2x 1GB OCZ PC4000 (i've heard the slots are labeled wrong in the manual)
    lite on IDE dvd-r/cdrw
    ati radeon 9600 all in wonder
    amd x2 3800

    FSB: Tried 2.00 (stable) 2.1 (a bit less) 2.2 and up not that stable, 2.4 totally unstable freezing etc.

    CPU is at 36C at 2.00, 46c when at 2.4

    Do you think maybe I just got a bad stepping? I hunted around some other forums and some people were doing up to 3Ghz with water or 2.7 with air.

    BIOS settings:

    AI overclock Manual
    cpu volt: manual
    multiplier: 10
    cpu volt: tried 1.40 to 1.5
    agp/pci auto
    ddr volt 2.7 (also tried 2.8)
    agp volt 1.5
    v link: 2.5

    mem clock mode: auto
    HW memory hole: auto
    burst length: 4 beats
    2T command: disabled

    I have disabled the Promise Fast Track controller as I don't need RAID and it makes the boot time much longer while it searches for devices

    Anyone have any ideas, or do you think i just got a bum x2 3800?

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    Try doing lower dividers. I think that is an old chipset so don't expect too much from it.

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    That's the Via chipset, that's probably your problem. Never seen a good clock out of it.
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    yea... you want a DFI nforce 4 dude, or the eVGA SLI board, its a cheapo and OCs like da bomb
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    I thought this was Xtreme Overclocking section



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