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Thread: how do i bridge my wireless connection over to VMWARE?

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    how do i bridge my wireless connection over to VMWARE?

    ive got my wireless going through my laptop and i cannot get internet on any of my VM's how do i do it

    thank you
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    Connect your laptop to a router via Cat5e, then connect anyother computer that you want on that network to the router via Cat5e. Then on your laptop go to "my network places" --->"Set up a home or small office network" Then go through the step, what this is doing is making a domain and signifing your computer by givving it a name. Then do that to all of your other computer that you have on the network. After thats all done, rebot all the computer, and make sure that you can access each of them by your laptop. Next go to my network places--->view network connections, then slect the 2 connects you want to bring and bring them, EX below..

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