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  1. jason str
    jason str
    Hope we have some audio fanatics in here, if its too loud you're too old.
  2. colonelclink49
    magnaplanars anyone heard of these
    i have a pair mg1-imp's
    hooked to an jvc ax900 power amp
    play a lot of records these days
  3. jason str
    jason str
    Lets see some more pictures here.
  4. Shocker003
    Does anyone know if outputing audio signal (music)through HDMI to a recevier will affect the audio quality?
    From (HTPC)Sapphire HD4350 to Yamaha RX-V465.
  5. crackhead2k
    I think a 5xxx ati series card with he right software will send the file 100% without altering it.
    I'm not so sure about the hd4xxx series.
  6. RAW-Raptor22
    I still output 3.5mm to RCA (x3) out of my Audigy 2 ZS...
  7. Shocker003
    Thanks crackhead2k for the feed back. I upgraded to 1Gb HD 5450 and i lost my 5.1 output. The audio quality improved maybe itīs a driver issue.
  8. Nikolasz
    Hi. I create some topic for audio quality mp3 play, here you go. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/...d.php?t=262462
  9. SabreWulf69
    The HTPC and Audiophile section now has some stickies
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