XS @ Canada

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  1. Th-I3riG02
    RRRRRGGG Mr. Sadasius!! i R not a question mark but a mark in my underwear!! i do not know why i exclaim... but i do. also how my new avatar? it's my replacement until i get a kool one!
  2. Sadasius
    Oh how cute. You learned to draw! LOL Oh here is one that will suite you!
  3. Th-I3riG02
    AAAH!! EPIC!!! lulz very funny... ... ... ok you win i can't rebut that. HEY! it does remind me of me super lulz! i will get you back Mr. Sadasius. i don't know when, i don't where and i don't know how, BUT MARK MY PANDA WORDS!!! XI
  4. Th-I3riG02
    You bet your xtreme system riggin ass i learned to draw!! i want a wowee pop now! PLEASEEE!!! .... bastard
  5. OpTiX
    soooo anyone from Toronto?
  6. eKirts
    Hello from guelph :P
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