3DMark 2001 SE Addicts

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  1. George_o/c
    @Tjalve: Well 2 years ago I was using ATi Tool so that I can change LoD in ATi cards ... But now times have changed, and there are some ATi cards that the only way to change LoD is via registry, like for example ATi Mobility 3470 ... I couldn't change LoD no matter what program I used, hence I changed it via registry/ Now I don't want to confuse you with regedit and stuff, so you can use this nice program called SetLOD

  2. rastaseb
    I'll be back..with better cooling !!! (stock cooling on the E8400)

  3. ReverendMaynard
    total noob question, but how in the deuce do I change the run order?

  4. Gauss
    Hi folks! Can I join? I'm building a Core i7 which I hope to have up and running in a week or so, would be gladly benching! This thread brought me back memories in such a way that I also wanted to show off my retro signature, which acually has been my signature since I had that rig!! A rig that it's just that now, a signature and a memory. It's also funny because I remember I had similar numbers I've been watching here with only a "little" difference.... I hadn't that first digit lol! Sure in this club you used to have similar rigs
  5. road-runner
    Another total noob question, but how do I change the run order?

  6. spynoodle
    My Celeron D can actually get a good score on this version!
  7. microcompX
    I have a I7 with a score of 17987
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